In The Wake of Ire – Feature Film

My role helping create this film can be boiled down into two categories: Gripping and audio work.

The first week, I was a grip, or someone who sets up lights and lighting rigs. I, among the team of grips, worked under guidance of the gaffer, who helped design the lighting schemes and settings of the movie. It was our job to unload, set up, re-arrange and disassemble a plethora of different lights, nets, and anything else involving lights.

The following two weeks, I worked as one of two audio personnel under the director to capture dialogue and ambient sound. I ran audio mixers, held boom poles, set up boom mounts, attached wireless lavalier microphones to the actors and monitored sound quality.

Glasgow, Missouri equipment in rain machine Static boom rig for wide bar shot

Sound Devices audio recorders 

Jon Doty